Our Pastor

Rev. Matthew J. Smith has been commissioned as a Provisionary Elder in the Northern Illinois Conference, on a path torwards full ordination. He graduated with his Master of Divinity degree in 2017. Prior to serving at the Chana and Lighthouse United Methodist Churches, Pastor Matt served two other two point charges, Pearl City/McConnell and Winnebago/German Valley. Pastor Matt is also working on his doctoral dissertation on church revitalization and hopes to achieve his Doctor of Theology degree.

Prior to his pastoral calling, Pastor Matt spent many years in retail/catalog management, technology and post-secondary education. He obtained an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree in 2003. Pastor Matt is married to his wife, Lisa, and they have two children, Lily and Alex.

Pastor Matt has a laid-back style, with a good sense of humor. He brings this style, along with his love of learning, into his preaching and ministry. He loves talking theology, about his family, and about the Cubs.